Rolex Daytona 116588TBR-0003 Men’s 40mm Gold-tone Gold Dial


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Price $10,000-950,000 $899 $599 $249
Grade Genuine Rolex AAAAA Clone AAA Replica A Replica
Movement Rolex Calibre 4130 Genuine Swiss Clone 4130 movement Swiss 7750 Movement Asian MingZhu Movement
Time Accuracy -3/+5 sec per day COSC certified -5/+6 sec per day COSC certified -10/+10 sec per day COSC certified -1/+2 min per day COSC certified
Stainless Steel Type 904L Stainless Steel 904L Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel
Bezels Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Crystal Sapphire crystal Sapphire crystal correct date magnification Sapphire crystal Mineral Glass
Case Size 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Logo & Markings laser etchings Exact on entire watch 90% Exact on entire watch 70% Exact on entire watch
Dial Genuine Rolex Exact detail and font 90% exact detail and font 70% Exact detail and font
Waterproof 100m on standard models Tested up to 300m Tested up to 30m Life waterproof
Life expectancy Lifetime Lifetime 3-5 years 1-2 years
Warranty 2 Years Up to 5 Years Up to 3 Years Up to 1 Years
Brand Rolex
Case Size 40mm
Band Width 20mm
Model 116588TBR-0003
Band Color Black
Case Thickness 15mm
Gender Men’s
Band Type Rubber Band
Series Daytona

Watch Case: 316L. The raw material utilized in this watch is the hardest 316L stainless steel, a highly durable and corrosion-resistant material.

Hands: Gold-tone. Regarding the watch, the gold-tone hands exhibit a cool and well-designed allure.

Band Material: Rubber. The utilization of a rubber band on our watches exemplifies the essence of durability and simplicity, taken to the utmost extent.

Bezel Material: Stainless Steel. A luxury timepiece with a stainless steel bezel embraces the requirements of enduring durability and abrasion resistance. The design of the stainless steel bezel material makes it ideally suited for the watch bezel, with exceptional capabilities to withstand pressure and friction.

Clasp: Deployment. The fusion of a watch case and a wristwatch, unified by the captivating clasp design of the watch, presents a highly enticing option for countless consumers. Naturally, durability and long-lasting performance are pivotal considerations. Rest assured, this watch bracelet has been painstakingly designed to fulfill such prerequisites. Its production employs top-notch materials, conceived with an emphasis on visual aesthetics, seamlessly aligning with today’s prevailing fashion trends.

Dial Markers: Diamonds. The exalted realm of horology embraces the opulence of exquisite diamonds adorning the dial of a luxury timepiece, serving as illustrious markers that gracefully reveal the passage of time. These scintillating gemstones, crafted with utmost precision and artistry, assume their role not merely as embellishments, but as luminous beacons unfailingly guiding the observer through the temporal tapestry. With their unmatched splendor, these diamonds form a constellation of elegance, infusing the dial with an aura of grandeur and sophistication. Each radiant marker, meticulously positioned, harmonizes with the rhythmic dance of the hands, harmoniously capturing the fleeting moments as they gracefully unfold. This seamless fusion of luxury diamonds and horology transforms the timepiece into a paragon of refined aesthetics, where the language of time is elegantly unveiled amidst a symphony of brilliance. Such a horological masterpiece exalts the wearer with a profound sense of discernment and indulges in the embrace of timeless beauty, forever transcending the ephemeral nature of minutes and hours.

Crystal: Sapphire Crystal. The sapphire crystal mirror is crafted from natural materials, capable of reflecting light and creating enchanting illusions. Its enduring anti-reflective coating makes it ideal for resisting scratches, while the crystal’s brightness remains virtually unchanged. Please note that the A Replica incorporates mineral glass instead of the captivating sapphire material.

Case Back: Solid. The sturdy solid bottom cover imparts greater resilience to the watch, enabling it to endure challenging outdoor conditions, be it rain, snow, or extremes of hot and cold weather.

Water Resistance: 30 meters. A good waterproof of the watch has been applied, it is 30 meters, which is a good feature for the watch. Tips: The A Replica is just daily waterproof, need to purchase additional waterproof service which is up to 30 meters.


1:1 Clone, A Replica, AAA Replica, AAAAA Clone, Top 1:1 Clone


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